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Demon already loosed out this curmudgeon beast

Demon already loosed out this curmudgeon beast

Ignominy hewed into comeuppance,
where yours truly aggrieved state
far worse fate
than becoming deceased, though
years gone by since meek kin
grievously afflicted soundly did berate

deplorable marital indiscretion
this mister (wordsmith) forced opaque
double life undetected
confession subsequently told mate,
she (nor eldest daughter)
riled, none to pleased, nonplussed

the latter (now living/working of late
San Francisco, California),
thus distance doth abate
plus elapsed time buffer zone
lessens lesson learned never to copulate
(best if done early at any rate)

still loathes (at least smolders)
apt appellation liaison found papa
caught with figurative pants down lil mandate
formerly loosed upon Venus to excavate
as no fallacy warm prickly didst deflate
no stranger as expletive ingrate

attests no more Casanova trait
deservedly called him regarding
extramarital tete a tete
apology made forgiveness accepted,
thou accept culpability I narrate
wife high infidelity transgression,

mine inferiority complex
sex seeded to emasculate
all throughout boyhood,
adolescence, young manhood,
veritable entire lifetime spate
whereby fourscore and seven years ago

minus seventeen orbitz hied dedicate
mastermind pursuit didst facilitate
matt's scott's getgo automatically
begat self worthlessness
dismal social withdrawal didst accentuate
courtesy threatening taunts,
name calling, bullying as master bait

helped discredit any shred and underrate
me yet, now vestigial self confidence
helps me to reevaluate
within calmer metaphorical seas
how to steer this wallowing,
lumbering, aging... frigate
plus a brief plug for Colgate,

nonetheless choppers rotted
legacy courtesy dental quandary...
subsequently oral crisis did abate
quick lemme abbreviate
courtesy periodontal disease
dentures fitted hence concludes
tracked train of thought I freight.

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