Poem -

Demonic Affection

Demonic Affection

My tears are liquid gold, so bold and precious 
Is that what you think?
I don't see it that way at all
hush do not anger him
I guess, in this, I'll take the fall 
and say with shivering shoulders
as your dear valuable drips are wasted down 
my glistening cheek 
that I do not love you
that I have never loved you
and I will never love you
Oh no you didn't
and then the dimming light of my vision
into darkness
fall away he whispers darkly,
into nothingness
sharp bites of broken nails
fiery tendrils burn
wide-eyed maniac
grinning sadistically 
no light to grasp in the endless abyss
falling screaming without a sound
words ripped out breathless choking
Insane laughter ringing howling 
he laughs so mirthlessly 
haunting and howling 
fall he screams 
fall into deep dark desperation 
a lightless loveless land of
buried black inescapable depth

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Dmitri Rudder

There exists in love the purest good, and in love the purest evil. No emotion can bring out the worst or best in people, nearly as effectively as love can. However, you must be strong, Ms.Doyle. Show him you aren't just some toy to be played about with. Show him your fire. Show him he isn't the only one who can burn and destroy. Sometimes, the ones who hurt us the most are the most vulnerable of all. Brand him, if you wish; heal him, if you want. The choice belongs to no other. I am sure there are words you could say that would unravel him, shake him and shatter him. If he has shown you his heart, and let you watch as it festered and blackened, stomp on it, hard. Put him out of his misery. A healing heart is more forgiving than one in denial.

 if he thinks his demonic affection can keep you clinging to him, show him who the real demon is. Show him who has the longer claws.

-Love you!

Crystal Doyle

Wow thanks that is so inspiring to read really, thanks for reading and voting

Tony Taylor

Hi!! CRYSTAL!!..... delving into the darkness you've found a place of pure originality..... not an easy thing to do!!......ALL STARS!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo

Mitsali Fatima

Awesome work Crystal!
You just get better every time!
This one's a good one,
keep them coming :)