Poem -

Desire of the heart

Remembrance of holding each of you when I cradled all of you  in my arms the day you were born
The excitement of hope for your futures 
Your first cry that gave me an overwhelming smile
Dreams of you growing old
an driving me around. 
wiping your tears when you feel any pain
Having fun with you out in the rain
Desiring to be your school teacher
to watch you one day walk across the stage on your graduation day
To be your bestfriend
A wonderfully created grandmother for you at your beginning an end
Prayers to offer you back up to Heavenly Father someday
High intentions about you as I kneel down to pray
Desiring to never anger you
with my correction
When I say' my sweet children your doing it wrong
it's this way
To see you married with kids of your own
A blessed life accomplished on your very own
These are the desires of my heart set apart for each of you
My prayers is for God to have it come true
I L💕ve you!


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