Poem -

Diva Moon

Full moon 
Far and pendulous
Ripe with dreams
Prayers and trinkets
Lost am I
In your mystery
Your silver beauty
Reaches from the ancients
Goddesses bowed
Seeking visions from you
Your light has led
Many out of Egypt
Floating down the Styx
Holding onto the coins
Of voyage
What secrets do you hold?
Oh Devine Deva
Worshiping you is
Mandatory witching sport
Drawing sweet Selene and 
Hecate in
Late heroes are lost
Waiting for the changes
To come

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Cherie Leigh

HI Violet...The moon in its awe has always inspired worship throughout the world... a symbol of much reverence and admiration...as you give it its proper association with guidance and visions to ancient civilizations and a spiritual essence as well....Lovely!  I enjoyed.  xo Cherie ;) 

Violet Freese

Thank you Cherie
I am glad you enjoyed. There is some
Darn good writing here right now.  I am 
really enjoying the diverse writers at this site!  It could keep one truly busy staying up with all of it!    Again thank you. Violet