Poem -

Don't Ask Me

Don't Ask Me

I have no where to go
If I stray too far from my home
I won't find my way back
To where I was grown

Where I was grown wasn't really a place
But a state of mind
So it was not so much where as in there
It was more space and time

I travelled on a lonely line of existence
I saw loads of lights
They were bright, and they do shine
But they were in the distance

No nova ever came close
Shooting stars I like the most
But they passed so fast
They were gone before my grasp could close

So on my journey goes
Thoughts fall like raindrops 
But my mind's sideways
So I contemplate them like skipping stones

Is an evil magician a good wizards foe
Is the male version of Dorothy getting home doing a quick two step
And then heel kicking your toe

Are the stars in the sky like diamonds layed out on a velvet blanket
Or are they like fireflies froze in our perception of time as we take it

Make of it what you will
Your will is not my business
I only hope to open up your eyes
Because our outcome is my interest

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Cherie Leigh

It is true that everyone's perception of life and the journey is different...and we all want to believe our thoughts are right...but in the end we all want our time here to be meaningful and to have purpose and to have a positive impact on the world that others will remember.  As a whole we can make a difference.  Original ideas in this...I enjoyed. xo ;)

Halo Pain

Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, much appreciated 


Woah woah wow this is one of the cleverest brill stellar metaphoric muse ever!! The shooting stars line was my fav yet the entire poem is awesome. Kudos.

pls pleez do review/ comment/ write your thoughts as to my newest poem too.