Poem -

don't give up

don't give up

Every day you think you’ve waited
Getting ever more frustrated
Thinking it’s all unrelated
Leaving all your dreams belated
Don’t discount the ways you’ve made it
How you got more educated
All the things that seemed okay but
Always left you scarred and jaded
Obstacles that carve and mould you
All get smaller in the rear view
Look back only when you need to
Do the things you really want to
Hit the pause on all around you
Don’t just do what people tell you
Don’t keep on if you don’t want to
Don’t be forced to just continue
No-one’s owed whatever’s in you
Don’t let them take it if they try to
Get to where you need to go
In your own time, it’s not for show
It’s all for you this world you own
You’re winning, look how much you’ve grown!

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Thank you Silent Dreamer! Finding the words is something of a pull sometimes, do you find?x