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Don’t Interrupt Us

Don’t Interrupt Us

Tis our season to be jolly, Summer reruns now are through;
Our favorite shows returning, Fall episodes, all brand new!
Yes, we are ardent TV junkies, from afternoon till ten p.m.;
We watch our most liked productions, hours with them we spend!
But we hate the long commercials, every five minutes, they interrupt;
So now, we circumvent them, and make them all abrupt!
We tape every show on our schedule, then fast forward all the ads;
Preserving their spontaneity, and no longer get so mad!
Then, when it comes to football Sundays, “The Red Zone” is the bomb;
Seven hours of non-stop excitement, handled with such aplomb!
So, if you’re feeling just like we do, and want your life commercial free;
Take our advice, tape everything, and you’ll be shouting out with glee!
Our shows flow freely
Never tainted by long ads
We’re commercial free


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Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Larry.  Life would be so idealistic without commercials.  Lol...In my house, everyone wants to watch something different or play video games so we have four tvs....lol  I am the one who hardly gets to watch what I want, but watch whatever everyone else has on...and just go with it.  I am glad you and Linda have good viewing time together.  ;) xo  Love n Hugs 

Larry Ran

Our Dear Cherie,

Wow! Four TVs: one for each child at home, but doesn't Momma get the one left over?  Or, knowing how sweet you are, Tony probably gets the fourth.  We are very lucky, that our little girl Cookie enjoys watching all the same shows we do.

All our love,
Linda and Larry xxx