Poem -

Dream number 2

Pitter patter
Little feet across
The floor
She runs to me arms up to be picked up.
"Let's go to the beach daddy"
"Ok baby girl, we have to wait for mommy"
Baby girl is what I would call her.
Making sure to pack all the essentials
Sunscreen, beach toys, towels
And lunch.
Walking out the door
My queen and princess stride.
Beautiful in all ways
They look alike,
Fire red hair, and eyes that speak
Same smile, melts me everytime
In my dream I dont know my princesses
Name, but for sure can tell
She's ours
Spitfire wit, and so logical
at such a young age
"We are in trouble, you know that"
I say to my queen
She is both of us
Mixed in one.....
And that's where this dream ends
Because I'm awoken by thunder
In the morning.
But in minds eye
I can play that day out
Beach for 4 to 5 hours
Come home, shower then nap time
Laying with the 2 most important
Lady's of my life.
Total bliss.

I am complete.

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