Poem -


Waking up before her
Roll over
She is there
Like messy hair and all
Mouth open type sleeping
Such beauty
I lean over move the hair off her
Cheek kissing it softly
Faint baby cries in the background.
Slippers and robe I pick her up
Out of her crib,diaper change away
Fresh, all better,
Kitchen, "Shhhhh moms still asleep"
Pancakes, bacon, eggs.
And creamed rice with formula
These visions I have
My goal, my dreams
I want you to be the one I kiss on the
Cheek, you are the one I want to wake up
Next to for the rest of my life
I have this dream more than I
Tell you. But everytime I notice something different. Feel more
Wake up and I'm left
With fears.
Fears of dreams not come true.

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Awe it started as a beautiful bubble and then it burst and sadness filled your verse. Beautiful thoughts. Happiness seems such a simple idea, yet can feel like an impossible goal to reach