Poem -


Holy faith
each line stitches shines the cards
lays on a bed of players
tranquillity kissed in desires
breaking arms
scented lovers gripped on a stained night
here I am close yet far away
feeding on skinless lies

Holy Faith
driven into stinging slashing rain
hard this surface I touch
sounds drift against green scale trees
silver shreds lay across her arched back
each curled limb
reaching dipping within in
the surface distracted

Holy Faith
raised onto that hidden plinth
spilling my brother's thirst
long jewels smooth in affection
praying in winters throw

Holy faith
oh outlaw blade
stunted stabbing eager hands
clasping grasping a jesters throne
bewitched in a sisters spell
coffee spills in virgin stain
white spreading sheeted cloud
distance in disturb

Holy Faith
 a man is the only night
and morning has already
played a steady hand
this festival has been granted
all the windows smashed
glass collected
handed all around
each piece a perfect crown

holy faith
now im singing by a small creek
watching threats slide
throwing diamonds at old tin cans



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