Poem -

‘Drop’ ‘Plop‘ ‘Slop’

‘Drop’ ‘Plop‘ ‘Slop’

The red rubber ball bounced down a flight of steep stairs with Johnny running after it mindlessness of cares.. on each and every step the rubber ball bounced, like a ping-pong ball after it was being jounced.. gaining great speed from the steepness of the
staircase.. the small ball was well ahead of Johnny who was exhausted with the race

Down along the gully of the spiral streets, Johnny was still giving chase bumping into people that he meets.. “Woof” went a wirey dachshund coming in the opposite direction, who grabs the ball in his mouth on their interjection.. but Bingo the boisterous canine just wants to play, so he keeps the ball in his jaws and runs away..well in the lead pelting along the quiet lane it’s Bingo giving them a run for their money like an express train.. then Bingo’s master, calling his name in vain.. last in line it’s Johnny who’s mad and red in the face from the marathon he’s had

Well Bingo’s on a mission, he won’t stop and he climbs up a steep hill to the very top.. followed by Johnny who’s overtaken the dogs companion, they reach the summit and race down the canyon.. coz what goes up must come down.. ‘Crikey Moses’ they almost drown.. at the bottom of the hill and none of them can stop is an algae covered pond where they ‘Drop’ Plop’Slop’ it was cold as can be and I bet you can guess, Johnny got his rubber ball but ‘What a green mess’

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Marion Price

Lol...you really do have a knack of turning random moments into poetry...enjoyed 😊💜💜