Poem -

Dsyfunctional Society

We live in an age where society is lost blinded by too many Pleasures never seeking a spiritual path wanting drugs, money and fame to extreme Measures Crippled by the latest technologies becoming a slave to the machine High off the latest energy drink all jacked up on caffeine Grown up lost children still trying to find a way still believing in an Invisible god your life is on display Trapped in a prison which is what we call America the prison state taxed by the all mighty dollar enslaved by the bank rate nothing is never going to change things will only get worse The Rigged Presidential Election and the Great Illuminati Curse Conditioned to work, pay bills and die Just stay blind in the Third Eye then you will never see fallen angels cry There is no solution for this never ending problem no one knows what to do when the zombie Apocalypse comes then you might find the Hidden Clue The Secret Virus in the secret underground base as the Earth gets Infected as the Virus spreads then everyone Dead welcome to the Dark side of the Moon earthling your new Home your new Place The New World Order

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