Poem -

Unknown/ dont know what to name it

the days are cold and paths i roam and the saints we plead when we're all alone when your schemes all fail and your plans derailed and they make you fall and your blood runs stale all the CTos and your pointless checks that your systems run are no use at all so you use your phone for a private call but the words you use are now mine to hold i'll take the systems down and i'll make hell brake out i'll guard these streets at night so you can see the light you see they make mistakes their codes are mine to break i do it all alone this cities mine to own these streets, they shine so bright but i can take that light you can't escape me now 'cause i will hunt you down i have to hide the truth so i can shelter you 'cause with these streets at night theres nowhere you can hide no matter what you see they still are made of greed and then dawn shall come and their blood shall run im the one they fear look in to my eyes i'll make the fires rise no where that you can hide you can be alone no one in sight but i'll invade your life 'cause your not safe inside

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