Poem -

Only Women Bleed

Man makes your hair grey
Hes your lifes mistake
All your really looking for Is an even break
He lies right at you 
you know you hate this game
Slaps you once in a while
And you never feel the same 
You live and love in pain
You cry alone at night too often
Only women Bleed

Black eyes all of the time
Don't spend A dime
Clean up this game
And your there
Down on your knees
Begging me to please
Come watch you bleed
Only women Bleed 

(no this is not mine but I can't help but relate to it because I'm going through a rough relationship and finding it very difficult to leave)

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Greg Etsell

I love this song 
Alice cooper 
sings it and 
does wondefful
job singing 
and Lita ford
sing also like
the studio