Poem -

Edinburgh gin 🍸

Edinburgh gin 🍸

I’m not really a drinker
But have you tried that rhubarb gin
‘Crikey moses’ its rather tastey
I could adopt it as my sin

Its 1st December the morn
So I’ve been dropping a subtle hint
Especially to my husband
I said”Hey that rhubarb gin is mint”

Well I bought him an Advent calendar
Its his favourite ‘Green & black”
24 chocolates all neatly boxed
In a square cardboard stack

I bought myself a ‘Marskies’ star one
I got it for half price
Its full of cocktail choccies
With one gin, it’l be very nice

But when I noticed what he’d bought me
I gave him mine as well
Coz I was feeling rather guilty
So he has two now, ‘Jingle Bell’

You see my hinting has been heard
He has got me a gudun’, ‘My word’
25 doors to open within
Each full of ‘Edinburgh gin

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