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Election Time "Oh Canada"

Election time in Canada has taught me shame.
Finding fault with others is no game.
If you line up all the people to vote for.
Pictures, mistakes in life, would be found and a whole lot more.

Time wasted on what matters most, to Canada as a whole.
Lack there is of health care, jobs, climate change, its like a dark mole.
Commercials on the television are not on what we can do for you.
Its more about what happened in the past, not what we can do.

I find it hard to vote this year.
For learning what needs, are going to be looked after, not that we don't care.
Election time will be coming fast.
I wish so much it was more like the past

Gather all the parties and put them to the test.
Put your anger away, work hard at what you have to offer, what you can do best.
Its about now and what we have to live with for the years to come.
As for us one working, one on disability, its not very fun.  

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