Poem -

Electorate witnesses wounded beast...

flailing, lurching, and writhing in throes of agony

Electorate witnesses wounded beast...

Trumpets blare acknowledging
crack hunters lucky strike,
i.e. bullseye salvo shot at
innocuous yet brutish
and nasty looking Homo sapien
courtesy elite militia incapacitates,
(yet doth not kill) mortal enemy.

Tis a moost dangerous threatening president
(assailed all points of the compass)
able, eager, ready and willing to loose
anarchy, chaos, entropy...
sabotaging, sacrificing, saddling
every precious life (yet those unborn)
within ethos, diktat, and credo of brinkmanship.

His indefatigable stonewalling campaigning stage
lumbers with increased rage
taking out apprentice playbook, a page
titled how to win at all costs -
even Pyrrhic victory
(bang... bang... bang near fatal reportage).

Part and parcel of Democratic brigade
I aspire lobbing metaphorical brickbat enfilade
to stoke public disgust at
United States incumbent president
more incompetent than student in fifth grade
(apology extended for any unintended insult
exhibited by whip smart kids
genetically custom tailor made).

Though madly thrashing
across his barren domain
all manner of expedient strategy
to defeat him, I will try to explain
for no citizen of voting age
ought not remain complacent
one humble human (me)
smugness doth not feign

cuz, day of reckoning
spelling boom or bust,
Joe Biden moost gain
as commander in chief lest...
the following blather
I readily admit might seem
pointless, futile and inane
yet fools rush in,
where angels fear to tread,

while America crumbles to ruins,
a fate moost loath to witness
if apathy prevails nary any trace left,
where glory throve and inevitably
strews once fruitful plain
inviting twenty first century Vandals
to usurp millennial reign
thus on two hundred and forty fourth
anniversary when original thirteen colonies

set figurative sights to track and train
democratic experiment, within which history
(yours truly, a generic hypocrite)
admits instances where
tentative existence graphs
sinusoidal curve, which plotted path
waxed with promise, boot now
prospect for continuity doth wane.

Shameless to allow lofty ideal
regarding hard won enfranchisement amendment
gifted upon all citizens, yet inalienable right
still far reality exercised
(née thwarted every step of the way
towards those whose very flesh bled)

with justice once and for all
for many across land
from sea to shining sea
(line excerpted from America the Beautiful
accredited to Katharine Lee Bates)
penned during 1893 trip
to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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I give you 5 stars out of respect of being an artist.  Trump was not my choice but he is so much better than Biden who has Dementia or The socialist Obama who created the division in America