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Emancipation Holy Matrimony

Emancipation Holy Matrimony

I have been alone for so long
that I feel alone, even in good company
I won't sing those lonely road
dissonant love songs anymore. how selfish of me

I won't hit the highway, I will settle the score
no one feel sorry for me cuz I don't feel sorry anymore
I know you've cried many tears and you will shed no more
I won't go... Don't doubt me now cuz I don't doubt myself anymore

I am quietly connecting with you silently 
through the singularity
I know we have to go back with the world again
In order to go home we have to find home within
there I was making people laugh and smile
yet the pain I feel they know nothing about
I only want one woman all to myself
than I will step forward without a doubt
I am barely alive... in an unsettled life
I have been alone for a long time
even in good company I am not really there
It's someone else, not I, no it's not me
have you ever stared into space hoping to die
Nothing will kill us... we're bulletproof?
Here I am... Here I go... there I am... there I go...
at a house and home with you... I tell no lie

All my adult life I have went from place to place
now I've got to settle and wait patiently
prove that I am here to stay... that I will not leave
Every time I lift her up... she brings me down
but I will get through it silently...
I've suffered in silence for a long time
but the light defeats all darkness
they try and make us a weapon
but we have a pure heart of gold
we dodge bullets in the line of fire
And my heart will not grow cold
we are like a fine blend of wine
not to bitter, not to sweet...
In order for us to pay no mind 
to the petty dramatic noise of the world
we may first have to make noise
make ourselves known to be true to each other
some may not believe, some may be haters
some don't even love themselves
so fuck them anyway

I'm not fighting a loss cause? I fight for her...
no one has a right to say she is not worth it
sometimes I feel like giving up...
not this time folks
she's not wasting my time Lord...
there is someone out there for me 
I am not going to take my own life...
If I do that... I let the dark side win
when my angel joined the dark side 
it all became bleak in despair
I lift her up... I bring her back to life...
I will always be there...

I'm not gonna let them win lord...
Never-mind the promises said in the distance...
Pay mind to the promises written in a cold stone silence
I will love you like no other like no end...
just be my lover, my best friend
who ever you are now... you're still beautiful to me
I know you're out there... I'm a one woman man...  
I want someone to have and to hold 
someone to stand by my side, even when I grow old
I don't ask for too much... A woman's kiss, A woman's touch

Whoever you are...
you won't find a better man than me
I'll swallow my pride...
surrender my ego 
lay it all down on the line...
listen, no reason to whine
it may of been a long time ago...
a lot has changed since then
one thing that remains true to this day
Is that I have always loved you and I always will
they tell me your gone... hard done by
put your baggage in the closet.
hide it away with the skeletons 
I'm not chasing after ghosts and goblins
the thrill of the wild goose chase is long gone

I found my own pad once again
down the hall from where I used to live
where I left her behind 
I am moving on yet holding on to eyes that smile from her cheeks
the same look every time...
I saw her when I came home every time
eyes that mesmerize...
your eyes never leave my viewpoint
even peripheral vision or from the eyes in the back of my head
I got my eye on you first before any other...
move in with me even if it doesn't last forever
I won't be a burden... let me love you for awhile...
you need me and I need you...

what have we got to lose...
we won't lose each other
let me lay you down
and make sweet love to you
to show you that not all men
are evil doers who will hurt you
you don't belong in that state of mind your in 
I didn't come back around to this little old town,
to hurt the one who loves me
I give you my all... we won't fall...
emancipation holy matrimony 
let's sing... let's dance...
let's walk down the river trail...
come on give me a chance,
to show you a peaceful tranquility
All I ask is that you come out of your shell...
to take back your dignity
let loose... let your guard down...
I know the depths below walked us through hell...
but it's a beautiful world out there

all I ask of you is to trust in me as I do in you
you are as free with me as I am with you
have faith in me, believe in me... as I do for you
there's nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you
except go to a strange house and knock on the door
every hope you have I have for us... 
every dream I have I have for us...
every salvation I have I have for us...
every freedom I have I have for us...
we don't have to go to church
and ask the pastor to marry us
our emancipation holy matrimony
can be any way we want it to be
we can do it our own way...
we don't have to date a million dates
cuz we already know each other...
fall into my arms and trust that I will catch you
You are a warrior Queen in my eyes
and you don't have to fight alone anymore

Where am I going to live in my home town,
any old pad won't be home without you 
together we are like Set and Nephilim...
we are together whether close are far 
we gave them hell and you enjoyed my flame
I never meant to cause you any pain
if I could change back to a simple man I would...
I never meant to lose my cool
An unholy rampage through this small town 
Queen of hearts, I'm no fool for you

I knew I had to find you somehow someway
through the doors of perception
to separate reality from illusion
They tricked you to feel the pain
walking through silent lucidity inception
if I could change my old ways I would
I'm so used to being a loner that
I don't even know what to expect from you
will you give me your all and my all to you

... I knew harm was done onto you...
I was wondering if you were okay...
stripped of your halo... 
my lady blue... I love you...
I will say it and I will say it time and time again
I now have my own place... I'll make it homey
come by and visit or stay if you want too... 
for a little while or forever and ever amen
we don't have even ever have to have any children
we can take care of each others wants and needs
In and outside of the bedroom... and out in the world
we can lay around all weekend and talk about life and the unknown
about everything and nothing all at once
those simple little things may seem like nothing to someone else
but they're everything to us
There is nothing in this world I wouldn't do for you
you were meant to love me and I too for you
together it's heaven beside me and beside you
the shadowy bird-men will pray and bow before you
I will lead you through the darkness... across the river
emancipation holy matrimony... we can be together as one

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