Poem -


Free from judgement,
free from pain,
Bestowed with gifts,
to play the game.
Able to feel vibes,
like they’re my own,
Able to feel the seeds,
that the other,
has sown.
If It would have been,
a year ago,
Would have been,
like poison,
to me,
and ruined my flow.
But now it’s a part of me,
Creations little hint,
that the,
'I' is the we.
Maybe now,
I'll stop thinking,
and conceptualising,
And start feeling,
the energy,
in them,
that’s arising.
Do I have words,
for what they are feeling,
Do I let them know,
the feelings,
I’m stealing.
Maybe I should
appreciate the experience,
And thank creation,
every day,
for all of its,

World Wide Wez

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