Poem -

Enough is enough...

It came to a head 
It has been simmering long years .
The whole team walked from the pitch 
- In protest at the animal noises and jeers .

To continue or not
That was the question .
An unprecedented situation .
- We hope they get a draconian punishment .

We did take the pitch , The game back underway .
Our football did the final talking .
Pray it never happens again
- But unfortunately that is highly doubtful ....


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This reads like a great interesting poem though if you explain what's it about I would then know if I really got it. Kudos for the poetry you wrote.

pls pleez do review/ comment my newest poem too, it's nice to hear from fellow poets for exchange of thoughts,  or else it feels like a monologue.

Chris Bond

Hi sorry I didnt explain the poems origins , It is about the Bulgaria v England football match last Monday when the England team left the pitch after being racially abused , Thank you for your kudo's and kind words
Chris :)

Brian Billie

I'm sorry to hear this happened to you and your team, but congratulations on the immense courage it took to again play on in the face of the ignorance of people like that.  

I like the use of the dash at the end of each stanza for punctuation!

Chris Bond

Thank you for your kind words sir , I hope you find some of my other poems and short stories interesting and wishing you a good day :)