Poem -

Eternal Love

Eternal Love

How can I explain this incredible thing they call love?
The pain, laughter, joy, tears, and longing that I feel each and every day?
How can I tell anyone adequately, the visceral intensity of these feelings
I have allowed to grow… from a chance meeting where I found myself absolutely delighted
Having found an intimate little get together of very talented singers and songwriters
Exactly when I most needed to discover that my passion for music wasn’t peculiar
But something that was shared by a man of equal passions and exceptional talent

What is it that draws two people together in a chance encounter?
Can it be a pure biological draw such as a simple pheromone?
Or is it a deeper connection, one that has existed through the ages…
The Universe or Fate bringing two souls back together that have gone astray
Centuries apart, adrift, having lost each other only to, out of necessity, learn lessons
Each needed to learn… to be able to finally reconnect with the one true love
The soul mate, the undeniable completion of the couple as a single entity

In this iteration, the culmination of many eons of loss and return… of eventual recognition
The dawning of the minds when each knows… remembers, and the waiting…
All of the ardent, impassioned, yearnings… the realization that this is the last time…
The absolute end to the seeking of souls bound together by love so strong it cannot be broken
By time, distance, vagaries… the passage of an interval when neither can connect
Neither can embrace that which true love makes possible.  Each holds true to the other
Until such time as both come together for the last time, to love with abandon…. forever


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Beautiful ❤️