Poem -


just breathe"...
Or so they say;
"You will find another Love one day".
But it was for HIM that she had prayed
and her emotions did not hesitate
to open up and let him in
amidst her treachery and sin.
Her calloused heart, her broken mind,
a mind so dark, light could not find
a flame to spark, a way to shine;
She fell in love with him.
And in her darkness he did sit
he held her hand through all of it.
Complaints he never once let slip
from his precious lips...
She took for granted everything
for liberation she did sing
But the song was stuck within her throat
and chaos it did bring.
She choked on hate from her morbid past
and she just could not let go!
Though innocent, he caught her wrath
the grudge within her soul.
Resentment tore her love away
and it was not his fault!
He tried to help! He tried to stay!
For oh so long he fought.
But the battle was not flesh and blood
the battle was her mind;
For some reason she could not be loved
and he walked away this time.
Now nightmares wake her from her sleep
and she wakes up all alone!
Forever she will sadly weep
from the absence of his home...
This home was his heart, you see
it is where she dwelled;
A perfect place for her to sleep
without visions of Hell.
But now the home is broken
and he says it can't be fixed;
These last words he has spoken
from his quivering lips...

-Kelly M. Gregory-


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