Poem -


I think I don't feel for you anymore
There is nothing there
What remains are the thoughts of how I used to feel
The thoughts that linger in my mind are trying to convince my heartĀ 
That love still stands
But, Not
There are no emotions there anymore
There are memories trying to remain relevant
There are memories of the hope I had for us
But almost always in your presenceĀ 
I feel it
There is no more us in my heart of hearts
I know you are able to read me
We lay side to side and it is him I think of
It is him I want to be next to
He has my soul
My heart is trying to fight it
My mind is present but trying to create confusion that isn't there
You keep coming backĀ 
Creating confusion and letting me think there is something I lack
Thinking the past has some relevance in my present
You have wasted my time
Over and over againĀ 
With only cruel intentions neatly wrapped in sweetness to deceive me
It is finally true
I am over you
What pure bliss

Now please
Keep your stench away from me
Remain in the pastĀ 


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