Poem -

Eye of the Day

Aged hands that tell the story of your life,
Each wrinkle an imprint of your earned  accomplishments,
A woman of character and great strength.
In your youth your hands cradled the sons and daughters of your nation.
Their brown complexion is the colour of the African soil,
Soil you tilled and cultivated to provide nourishment and wealth.
Hands that  knit streams of wool into garments to clothe the poor.
You are the woman of the Proverbs,
Virtuous and second to none.
Your callouses the evidence of the hardships you endured and overcame.
Your name means "the eye of the day",
Revealing the light of your wisdom and beauty.
As the African Daisy continues to
proliferate the land,
It shall be to all your descendants the reminiscence of your legacy.