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Faded wishes

Faded wishes

I wish I had a little time 
Just to explain the way I feel, 
To go back in time,so you'd be mine
Reliving feelings of love, when all was real, 
I wish I said the words then, looking back 
I wish I knew then, of what I've learnt now, 
But we were young,apparently knew it all
Love may not of faded & dreams true some how, 
I wish I can gaze into those beautiful brown eyes 
But our love as a book,came to an end, 
Wish I knew that you just felt the same 
Wishing my heart could let go,allowing years to mend, 
Wish I could hold you,as I do in my dreams 
Wishing when I wake,to find reality I'm holding you, 
I wish, up there at night my star passed over
Wishing again my dreams,only circled you true, 
Yes I wish I had just a little time over again 
Just one attempt to whisper, how truly I feel, 
I wish we took it more serious & slowed it down 
So now dreams came true, you to my heart is its seal, 
So wherever you are, I wish you joy & happiness 
For I long to hear that you feel the same way, 
I wish my memories wouldn't haunt me,of you
Wish the words I remember, you said, never faded away. 

(Dedicated to a long lost love, my first love, my childhood sweetheart, we planned our kids names & what our house would be like. She's settled with a daughter & I passed her awhile ago, hearts skipped. It took yrs to get the scars healed, sometimes I think deep down its still hidden. Xx vicky. 

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Lee...That first love never goes away in thoughts....and stays kind of as a reminder that you can really feel deeply and what to look for in the future...I believe.  I have heard stories of people finding past loves later in life and making it work...It seems appreciation and regrets can have a purpose...lol  Thanks for sharing a relatable part of life.  xo ;)

Lee Rendle

Hi.. I know.. but at my age I think I've done all my meeting & falling in love now, it was OK in my 20's but now I'm getting to the 50 mark & don't go places where I can meet someone special. I've kinda come to terms with that, over the yrs I've lost alot of close friends & family, who died due to many reasons, my best friend died in 2016 & I live close to the people who were there when he collapsed, he had chest pains but one person gave him liquid morphine & on top of a few cans of lager. They left his body outside the block of flats, stories changed & the coroner put it down to self doing. I am a spiritual person & we chatted about it,said we'd visit each other if we pass & I have recorded his voice with a digital recorder. Many don't believe me but I've proved it to others too. Enough of that, anyhoo.. I haven't really got many true friends round me so poetry is my outlet & counsellor! I really am glad that you like my work & get the message, hope you have someone close in your life. Thanx for reading them. 

Cherie Leigh

Lee, I am so sorry for your loss of your best friend.  I can relate, because  I lost my  best friend in  July 2017 due to a heart attack.  He was only 47 years old.  It was a shock to me.  He and I were so close.  I wish I could hear from him.  I think that is a special gift to have his voice on digital recorder, and since he was your best friend, you would recognize it.  

As for love, well, I don't think any age is too old to find love.  I am your age, and I certainly have not given up....and I have had some very painful experiences.  I met the love of my life right here on Cosmo...so you never know...and often you meet people in areas of hobbies and interests where you have something in common. 

I am glad poetry is your outlet...and it can be very cathartic for sure.  Keep sharing your work.  I am enjoying reading them. ;)

Lee Rendle

Hi I asked my friend who passed how to contact them & they said just think of me & it kinda calls them, if you believe in it then they will visit you, many didn't believe me about voices that I'd captured but I soon played them, why not find one on ebay for £8-9 & try, it works. Just think of the old times then record & ask questions. Listen in the white noise, the hiss part of the sound. Thanks for your kind words xx