Poem -




I have fears
Or had if i’m right
But fears equal restrants
And retsrants are tight.

Whether you scream at a spider
Crawling on your bed
Or the thought of dying
Spinning in your head

Whether it’s going in the ocean
Or maybe just sharks
Or maybe it’s crabs
Or negative remarks

Maybe it’s the thought
Of losing your dad
Or maybe you’ll die
By the hands of someone bad

Maybe it’s the fear
Of being alone
Or maybe it’s the fear
Of setting no tone

Maybe it’s the fear
Of falling from the sky
Or maybe a weird fear
Like a cat or a fly

Maybe it’s the fear
Of dying drunk
Or losing your lover
To a huger hunk.

Whether you’re brave or cowerdess 
It hardly matters
For all you have to do
Is be willing to climb that ladder

Dont let your fears
Get in the way
Let loose and have fun
For tommorow is a new day