Poem -

What Happens When We Die

What happens

What Happens When We Die

When I was a kid
I was inspired
By things we beleive
And what we admire

But now that I’m older
I see those young lies
That give us hope
About what happens when we die.

Heaven and Hell
Are as real as a spell
And reincarnation
Is one big tell.

That Voodoo and magic
Is ever so tragic
That becoming a spirit
Is nothing near it

That we have a prophet
You better stop it
We have cult’s
You won’t like the result.

All these things
Are symbols of hope
But hope is as real
As a straight slope

They could be real
I’m not gonna lie
But we'll never know
What Happens when we die

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Hi Ryan a good short write..
When I'm in a negative state theres nothing...
When I'm in a positive state of mind I pray to the heavens.