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Feliz cumpleaños la señora Dunning

Feliz cumpleaños la señora Dunning

Fifty seven orbitz didst elapse
circling with thee around the sun
and nary sign ye will collapse
anytime soon, I hoop fully reckon
untold massages nervously
await to cross proper synapse.

Foolhardy of me
(doubting Thomas) in previous
years perhaps spiteful and mean
to forego acknowledging anniversary,
and thus now cobble feeble poem
upon external Lenovo screen

October seventeenth
two thousand nineteen
completing LVIII action packed laps,
ye always proactive plus with

time management keen
maximizing opportunities since...
conception biologically rendered thee
inheriting at least one gene
bestowing positive risk taking.

Noble emotional growth
beyond comfort zone
bred confidence, faith, integrity...
evident apparent as yar
deux daughters each hone
exemplary traits while

transient mortality doth loan
finite time versus... who
every so often doth moan,
when hindsight admits
thyself aimless rolling stone,
hence brother, where (prone

to bouts of panic)
art thou gathered no moss
only recently running with
figurative ball to zee
terminating end zone.

Aghast at alienating self
toward kith and kin
reflect how yours truly
felt indigent, inept, inferior...
awash with shame -
head bowed evoked lame urchin
cannot shrug off

(like Atlas bearing weight
(analogous to Alice in
chains) of heavens on
his shoulders, a bird din
given to him as
punishment by Zeus.

Hindsight ratcheting
up scores orbitz
clearly identifies blitzkrieg
when with fits
and starts attests I did not consume
ample powder milk

biscuits raw bits
how sticktoitiveness
absent without leave
tossed hands up in
despair calling quits
to most any endeavor barely started

and evinced submissive "scapegoat"
an easy target never applied wits,
nor put up physical mitts
nor mental dukes (mine)
to thwart verbal hits,
and mainly recall
always looking for exits.

At nadir of prepubescent woe
vaguely remember feeling
unable/ unwilling to live, lo
I stymied, stifled, stagnated
sabotaged potential to grow
to present accept indelible

staid development,
especially skinny legs
well nigh two feet below
permanent reminder no
manly anatomical musculature
evident, but also pointless to crow

and caw myself out, now oh
null lee in rhyming poe
whit tree heading toward
wizard of oz in toto

shuffling along boulevard
of broken like Yiddish hobo,
i.e. schlemiel far from madding crowd
lest scathingly vituperative
beating hasty retreat back tummy Alamo.

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