Poem -


The blur of the beating wing
The strength of a comet, & its tail, 
The destruction of a bullet, smashing glass 
The words,should of said's, are a holy grail, 
The saddness that screams inside me
Knowing, still hoping, I'd see you at my door, 
Why did I lose, the loss of a true friend 
Why such a shortened life, what was it for, 
So many years, opened up to each other 
Yes honestly, you'd drive me crazy & beyond, 
In a short time you had lost your family close
You drew within, my mum & I you were fond, 
A friend for years, it has not still sunk in
My heads spinning with stories, & loss inside, 
I can't take much more, of what's behind the door
For all I have is myself, walls where I confide, 
So fast the darkness, losing someone falls
Tears may fall, back again never to bring, 
Blur of the wing, as too those around that have fell
Happy knowing one day united, we'll meet up & birds again will sing. 

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