Poem -

Feminine Shade

Feminine Shade

I am a strong, sexual, intelligent woman.
Lush, soft skin and piercing green eyes.
I have pink pert nipples that peek through my t-shirts;
But also a lightning wit that brings weaker men to their knees.
My lips spread with ease.

Razor sharp nails, coffin-style; 
In the shade of ‘Deep Wine’ no less, fiercely tapping;
signifying my impatience with your excuses.

I am a strong, sexual, intelligent woman.
It’s in the way that I walk,
hips men say you can ‘hang on to’ swaying effortlessly to the boardroom;
Red lips pout at your critique, but never get beneath the skin;
I’ve now critically reviewed your work;
And you’ve come up short.

Razor sharp, pointed heels in the shade of ‘Period-Blood Red’ no less; makes every man stand in attention,
Without intention. 
You’re welcome. 

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