Poem -

Fifty shades

Can't Wait No more For You
       I need it now so come on through 
yo walls were  perfect without a 
But damn now you got me in a 
see pleasure & pain is Really all I'm 
And I know you heard I Fucked     with a Few 
But see this tongue Is Wicked and  it's all for You  

(This is the Flow so say It Slow)
Honey Ya Sexy, Caramel   complected, well Educated, very    respected🎶  Ready To stretch it
    so I heard ya Neglected.

 So just put yo legs behind your head,
Because I’m tryna Put you to Bed,
  The Sweat From my Rock 
will have you all in a knot 
   Don't Try to run Cause it's never Gon stop 
  Forget about Those other bums, 
    Tilt Your Head Back Cause I'm Ready To Cum,
    The lick from your lips shows     me your having fun,
Tell yo Nigga you settled the score,
And Make sure you come back when your ready for more 


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Hello Michael...

Welcome to Cosmo!

Clever way to create your own line up...


Very unique Singles Ad!

Hope you have the energy to keep up...


Thank you for sharing...