Poem -

floating on the tide

 floating on the tide

It rains habits in my Heart
Golden hands take revenge
Mine falls like a rock through sorrow
With my broomstick I touch

Destroy the wealth around me
There is a time of evil tongue
Hop on one leg
This was the last song I sang

Masonry between words
A tight collar ... the blue thief
It is not the soul to kill Blanco
When the tower of emptiness died

What should I do with laughter from outside
A mermaid of guarantee defends Los
The daylight fades against the windows
The coherence of words in it
Lit Forest

My husband's tealight of grace
Sincerity ... sauntered like salmon
The meaninglessness solidified in the drawer
The lighting dropped in the palm

Despair. Grace and division
The storm slows the void
Dangling in the added time
When the attention continued to float

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Tony Taylor

Hello VEERLE!! (interesting name!)......I really like how you're playing with words and phrases here......to create images in the minds eye of the reader...It's fresh.....it's bold!!.....and it's working!!......ALL STARS!!.....well done dear poet sister!!.....and in case no one has said so......WELCOME to COSMO!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo

Sarfraz Ahmed

Awesome! Love it! More please! Love the language poetry in art!