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To glance in the mirror

To glance in the mirror

 To glance in the mirror As the bottom of her soul.
Is throwing paper planes,
And my soaring clouds,
As field and fountain.

I believe in you,
With out-worn heart .
Where the fun starts to live,
Jumping stars in sparkle rooms...
They hang about So free,

With a glee I could did see the moon,
Plane of snow is scarlet red.
All the birds come back when the sky puts on,
Witness bear ultimate airy,
Wicked  skill before and then .,
Lets sweet salty is tears,
Waiting on me all matters is free.

No other men will scorn,
It can keep you waiting,
The heart was calling out.
Another place or town.
Shadow faces stand on these lifeless throne,
And with the thought of you you are old and grey as the shadows deep.
I have a broken statue of an invisible queen.
Little lips with no love endure.
A concession of my pieces I think your is  heart beating,
It flies by fast as  we sit on the garden rocks.
You are an arts we go down.
As in the mirror in the face lies,
Sweat heavy rifle fire.
A different birth with regretful lips as dark as I’m not.
Well until this morning that moment it’s all of it.

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