Poem -

death will rise

death will rise

The feeling erased with the silence 
blood on the core of night 
diving into the deadly scène 
perfect like Hangover Breath of wasted tide 

the way our body Lets down 
the vengeance of the word calling
i asume the stillness of blackness is near
i conceal the dungeance of a sad becomming 

mountains where blood has flown above 
the devils cage
inbetween the roth 
of golden strangers deadly stranded down 
left theres soul in satans claws 
left the eyes in godly mind 

to good to be true 
the Devil returns to its questioned past 
what can he reveal 
what is left inside a corps it’s sailers draught 
madman can conceal 
the blue hands left to cradle 

so what do i feel 
from whats left over in my body 
the night regain its harbouring affaire 
with Life crumbling apart 
my heart melts like glued staints 
brazen with the thought 
that im not hete anymore 
that the wheel of feeling scattered from the Windows sky 

the Devil grabed my hand 
and explained to me the riddles to death 
our blood Will be Coldplay at the end day 
are mind Will consume heavens raven black soir 
the sacceride wish Will aflate by becoming dreamy sick 
will become saint of morning birds 
as your Breath Will drown 
in my heart of black cristal hatred 
you can say no more 
until the morning sucked the juicy bodyflow 
fragile Words become grimmige of night 
a story blown into pieces 
your feet ...float into the dream of nothingness 
every morning adjurened 
sunlight Weeping at the end 
of the devil wings 
nothingness remains now !
he sais 
again an angel becomes 
a demon of the crack in the moon .

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