Poem -



He was the very first person I noticed that day
The very first person I wanted to know
The very first person I wanted to say hi to
I'd arrived late
I was so worried
So worried and scared that'll never see him again
But when i was sent to that class
I opened that very door and stepped in
He was the very first person my eyes met
There he sat right at the back of that class
My heart skipped a beat
My heart was delighted 
But as weeks go by i'm hurt
It hurts...
Loving someone who'll never love you in return
He loved someone else
My very first High school crush
My heart broken and bleeding
My dreams all thrown away
He loved her and not me
It hurt so much
It hurts that i never had the courage to tell him how i felt
I found myself taking away all the hurt he caused me
I found myself still caring about him
It hurts
I'd just found someone who meant a lot to me
But in the end that love was never meant to be
And i had to let it go 


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Dean Kuch

Alles Liebe ist verboten, wenn du mich fragst, A. Ilunga.
Few things hurt more deeply than unrequited love.
This is a melancholy musing for sure.
Nicely penned, heartfelt and well-expressed.
Ich danke Ihnen für das Teilen.
~ Dean Kuch ♥💔