Poem -




For years I've been deceived 
By the things I read, hear
And even see

I give ear to your voice
Of course it's by choice 

But just when I'm tune in to your pitch
From your Plato of frosty air 
I'm tossed into a ditch
Becoming a real life skeptic

I see but don't believe 
Because I'm in an optical illusion 
By your tricky I'm deceived 

I hear your words of love
But your words are compounded with fear 
Even though you smile while looking into my eyes 
My heart would not allow me to draw near

My thoughts give life
To my emotions when I think of you 
But what is a skeptic to do
When his heart has been pierced
Through and through 

You promised me freedom 
But I must wait for my redemption 
Tales of heaven and hell 
But I've never been visited by an angel 
So who can tell

As long as I have life
With caution I will tread 
And a skeptic I will forever be 
Until I'm pronounced dead.

Wilford Barker.

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