Poem -

Forever In My Heart

Love You

Forever In My Heart

I always think aboutĀ 
Holding hands with you
Your smiles so bright
Your warm hugs andĀ 
Beautiful eye's
Your truly beautiful
You make me so happy
Forever Feeling true Love....

My life is so perfect
Now it's never dull,
I remember our first kissĀ Ā 
Under the moonlight
My life changed so much
You have given me peace
And loveĀ 
Sweetheart and I no whereĀ 
You belong..

Inside my heart....

Ā© 2020 David P Carroll...

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Being Me

It is lovely to read a poem of love. This is a little gem of a poem that twinkles through the darkness of the sad poems on here x

Cherie Leigh

Hi Dave....Leave it to you to always bring love's hope and beauty to the world in words...Thank you for that! xo