Poem -



Fickle brier pricked a heart,
Blood wells afore impart.
Plucked by desires allure,
Launder stains afresh pure.

Lulling dewdrop tears,
Torsion mars yesteryears.
Unwind barbs tightly wrapt,
Enchant bruises intact.

Harbor not injurious thorn,
Cast doubts unforgiving scorn.
Gentle sanguine cascade,
Humble guilt vie damage made.

Jaded tis, fragmental pose,
Arousal steadfast grows.
Cradle thou tender heart,
Keen though blemished part

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Alexis Krysyna

Cheers, Poetess Darkly;Β 
>How be your talented prowess coming along?
>As it seems ,by reading a few of your poems to know your steady on track to fufilling your writing dreams.Β  These poetic compillings are some very definitively and scholarly notible poetic runes that relfect yor style and writing of rhyming couplets to expertise perfections.
>two slight itty-bitty suggestions, as one would be to add more rhythm to the lines by being iambic or metter the same.
>I know most people don;t like to be asked to write formerly structured but we all have to learn to walk some day. It took me 3 of my 8 professional songwritting years to learn to conform to some structual formalization.
>And Two i didn't follow the flow with the line in your second verse and fourth line, "Enchant chambers intact." seemed to me ambiguously uncomforming to the previous three lines. (It goes on to explain, "Benevolent tears"-"Disillusionment marring yesteryear" and "unwined barbs wrapped" then if everything is in disarray then how is everything intact? I think I know what you were trying to do but it don't dee it happening.
>Very good and as all of m y songs can take 7 days to a month to write and still not happy with them sometimes.
>Take cate and avery good poem of unrequital love.Β 
Take care and have a good one especially 'cause you deserve.
PS: don't know if you use this but I do (http://www.rhymezone.com)
MY website's album is alexkrysyna.com


You have a unique style of writing which always make me think you should have lived in another, more verbally expressive era..beautiful my lovely as alwaysΒ  and so very 'you'!Β  Β lodigiana xx