Poem -


An impregnable wall
Now surrounds her heart
Because her love like autumn leaves 
Sailed to its untimely demise 

She gave her heart without a struggle 
As he gazed into her eyes 
His words were compelling 
By his charm she was mesmerized 

Her mind was wrapped around 
Every word that fell from his lips 
Her heart said yes
And not once I'd she protested 

He was able to read her mind 
Easily depicting every thought
She had on file 

He was amazing handsome and tall
The kind of man she always wanted 
Broad shoulders and all

Love took it's course 
Like an unexpected twister 
From on high
And like a flower not firmly rooted 
It soon withered and died 

Her heart and soul 
She freely placed in his hand
Only to find out months later 
That he was a married man.

Wilford Barker.


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Tony Taylor

Oh My Goodness Sir BARKER!!.....I should have seen it coming... but I didn't...... and I was seriously surprised at the end!!.... The mark of a good writer!!.... you did a fantastic job with this .....the phrasing, the imagery created.... all working together to achieve your intent!!.......ALL STARS!!... well penned my friend!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.....T xo : )

Wilford Barker

Sir Tony..
I love expressing my mixed up thoughts ...
I was 
actually saving this one in my archives 
for a while... Happy that I posted it and you and Cherie liked..
Thanks Brother T. .
Sunday blessings to you and family.

Cherie Leigh

Hi Wilford...What a horrible thing to discover when she wanted to be loved in the right way with the right man...and he deceives her that way.  You really built it up to the end to shock...Great work, Wilford. xo  ;) 

Wilford Barker

Thank you Cherie..
That Wilford is a little devil..