Poem -


I free myself * from your abusive company. I free my body from your selfish embrace. I free my memory from your f@ce.. I always thought freedom was a state of mind. Realise now that's it's a challenge i accepted .To be free of what others call sin. To be at ease with my conscious. To let it all go, five years before global warming kills us all. So I free myself from this body. I free my soul into the unknown. I free my pain to consume me. I always longed for freedom in all its forms. Driving fast, good sex, great views, freedom a lovely concept. Free to do whatever I like. Free to be with whomever I choose. Free to not tolerate the unfortunate, or unforgivable. Pearly gates open wide like my arms and pat my head then back. I love freedom and will pay the ultimate price to experience it. Yee ha I am free.