Poem -

Free Range, Baby Killer

What a beautiful day, sun’s a shining’
Roaming free, light a blindin’ 
Heading over to...
My favorite spot!
Gotta chat with my girls, see what’s hot!

All of my girls, they busy yakin’ 
Waitin’ for me, better get crackin’
“Sup girlfriends?”...
I said merrily...
“What up” they say...
Replying to me.

We all are happy, conversations fly
It’s been a long time, feelin’ this high
But all of us hide...
True feelin’s inside
No one discusses where we reside

The day progresses, food a plenty
“Seems as though...
Heaven has sent it!”
As we visit, more places to dine
None of my peeps discuss the night

The sun is fallin’ our time is close
“Soon ladies soon”
I shout “I’m just sayin’”
We talk some more, my girls and I
We all know, night’s darkness on high

Our time has come, us girls a shiverin’
For we know the life we’ve been givin’ 
Rounded up,
Our traps hastened
For we all know, what night’s taken!

One by one, placed in our rooms
All my girls screamin’, yellin’, me too!
As we settle,
Knowing what’s next
The first girl screams at night’s request!

Then another one, increasing the sound
More join in, making the round
Then one by one, 
Their screams banter
Their joy’s turnin’ soon, too soon to matter

Quietly now... one girl’s a rustle
“It’s happening again” another muscles
“The worms are back, 
Away from the doors” I yell
“That’s what they want” one gal tells

“Put up a fight! Go for their eye...”
“Yes, blind them for sure, make them sublime”
“It’s not working...”
Another girl shouts...
“Not another night, not another bout!”

“It’s gone, it’s gone” one gal screams!
“Mine too, oh no! Anyone else see?!”
“It was those same 
one-eyed worms” a girl moaned
Then all the girls settled back down from night’s thorn

What a beautiful day, sun’s a shining’.................

“Well Jedd, what a haul this evenin’ 
We got there late, but whose countin’, I’m eatin!”
As they filled their plates
You know what they’re meanin’
Thus the day... and night... of a free range chickin’ 

“Writing from one’s perspective is difficult as it is. Writing from another’s perspective is more difficult still. But writing from the perspective of a creature’s babies we eat and ultimately they’re mother too tends to make you feel how they live their day.... everyday.”

“The title Free Range, Baby Killer, the Poem and quote was written by me, The Poet Caster on May 4th, 2019” All rights reserved but if you’ve enjoyed it please share it with your friends as perhaps one day we humans will become better stewards of those entrusted with our care.....

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Tony Taylor

Hey TERRENCE!!....an excellent narrative.......delivered with a great sense of timing and understanding of dialogue.....It is not an easy thing to write a poem and paint such a well oiled conversation poetically!!......ALL STARS!!....well done dear poet brother!!....and......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧✴👍

Terrence Mann

Thank you Tony! I was recently introduced to this site and it’s great to see and read so much talent! 

I’m looking for to read and interact more with such amazing, talented people!


Barry Childs

Well done, Terrence. Beautiful narrative. Cluck, cluck.  Barry x

Terrence Mann

Thank you for the kind words Barry! I certainly appreciate them! I’m looking forward to interact more with so many talented people on this site...

Take care...