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Freedom Will Reign

Freedom Will Reign

Hey Trump, did you get the message, eleven of your party voted against you;
Because they know you are a traitor, and they all hate you too!
Believe me, this is just the beginning, of the end of your corrupted reign;
Many Republicans have now realized, in the White House, you can’t remain!
For you’ve brought chaos to our Country, and corruption beyond belief;
But soon, your party will be over, our Nation will have its full relief!
Your collusion with the Russians, and your plan for our demise;
Will be exposed to all America, along with all your lies!
The judges are signing papers, for full exposure of your ploys;
You’ll be facing true tribunals, none of them in your employ!
You won’t be able to pay them off, to look the other way;
Prepare yourself you monster, for your final judgement day!
At long last it starts
The end of the traitor’s reign
Our new beginning


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Hello Larry...

The Mueller Report is finished..

Today, there are no more indictments there is no evidence of Russian Collusion which isn't even a crime and we need to Celebrate...

Tomorrow, WE The American People need to be indignant in understanding how much Taxpayer's paid over 25 Million Dollars, almost Three years that we'll never get back and when this farce began, who started it, and understanding all that time and money wasted when they should have been focusing on more important things for the Good of this Country as a whole and all that money could have been better spent...

Thank you for sharing another hate opinion of our Commander in Chief who was Elected by the People!





P.S. Good things came out of the Investigation people, who did commit crimes have been brought to justice, more will probably come into light...

Maybe, this could be a sign that anyone who tries to corrupt our system in the future will think twice and, in the past pay for their crime and brought to Justice...

The money for the Investigation wasn't a total waste...

Now, the Democrats are going to be working on other ways to Impeach the President which I think it will only prove even further their nastiness in their manipulation of the Media, the Courts, the People, and to prove they are the Cheating Players...

That can be a very good thing...

I look forward to all of the hysterical lies and stories, yet to come...

It's been a Best Seller so far...

So many Books have been written!


Hugs again...


Larry Ran

Dear Sparrowsong,

Mueller's report did not exonerate your President.  It was inconclusive, based on the facts he was given by Trump's lawyers, who made sure he did not testify under oath, and were not truthful with the information provided.
Just wait till Adam Schiff gets hold of him.

Larry xxx

Rose Sho

My Sweet Daddio, I am not an American but I think Trump is the worse thing that has ever happened to America.
God bless America

Larry Ran

My Dear Sweet Rose,

Not only to America, but to the whole world.
God Bless you too.

All my love,
Daddio xxx