Poem -


Dragged in sight
hidden as depth the colour cries
a curse in the flesh
a disguise gifted
yet to be blessed

darkest room
darkest voice
treated bones laid without voice
no other eye can bleed
no other hands can stretch
in this darkest place

ragged me
I fall as rain
upon the unexplained
threads in silver cord
placed within an eaten table

from the top
I peel this slow disgrace
a pink mist fleshy in the trust
crowded hidden secret fist
the darkest place

She died with china white skin
the eyes ripped by a tides dreaded grin
fingers were broken in a smile
bleached hair dangles on dashboards enquire

Now soft a lonesome pillow high
lifted clear as a kiss
with kneeling low
in soft green waving carpet

I stoop as breaking
my ear held low
for goodbye flys so very
far below