Poem -

Funny madness

I am not at all attractive, I am much less photogenic
I have a best friend who is a clown
My best friend talks infinitely
He gives me advice and sometimes talks too much
His vicious advice gives me wrath to harm and laugh

Taking a life means having the power of a god 
There are flowers in my head 
Clowns in my brain 
Drugs in my veins 
Madness in my mind
Blood in my hands 

This monster is not under my bed 
The monster is in my brain 
He is my best friend 
From a clown  haunting me in my dreams 
To his funny advice on my quest 

I am in a dark lonely place 
A glum feeling comes through the air 
My heart is filled with hate 
I certainly won't have any regret 
For it is my job to use my blade 

It happened again, poor little girl
With a smile on my face and an obnoxious laugh
My heart did not fall apart
Beating fast through a love drought 
For it is my pleasure to listen to his good advice


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