Poem -

Ghostly red this lovers bed

IMAGINE imagine the echo bled

Have you ever flown over
wings spread in sacrifice
a pine forest with snow on its printed frown
Needles in separate pointedย  ground
waiting to impale this skyward clown
ย snow in its invisible crunch
ย lameย  eatenย  crutch
whistles the songs lost in the view

Silence stands accused
its witness hangs from a broken chance
how crimson on that pure face
now rotted in search and grace

Marble vaults stand-in measure
trimย  walled arms protect
small created mirrors
stranded strands
thin scuttling limbs
dance before a jury burnt
this a judge
brought on gold and embers caught

who raised those heavy curtains
blasted this sight
riot bleeds off a cutaway tongue
each verb stamped
every noun cancelled
rhymic chanting lines beneath
surging earth increases belief

Clumsy static this red snow
while love impales nostalgic vows
once devoid and forced
returns circling

have you ever flown
over the pine


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