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Goodbye meth

Goodbye meth

  I swear it’s just one thing after another. When when’s it gonna end? Why is life so hard? Broken hearts I try to mend.
I look at my past and sometimes I can’t help but cry. Was it me that really did all those things? I can’t help but ask why?
  You see life is a struggle and I struggle every day. Jesus take the wheel please show me the way. My sister she needs me, my brothers in pain. And I was more worried if I’d be able to hit a vein. 
  People I cared for slowly turned to strangers in front of my eyes. You took over my life and I was to sick to realize. As my weight went down and my body grew weaker each day. I can’t do this anymore lord take me away. 
  Why do I always do this to my self. Why can’t I stop bottling up my feelings away in a shelf.
Higher and higher, farther away you take me. A stranger I become and a monster you make me. I don’t want this life I just can’t take it.
  But why can’t I stop knowing you are so bad. If I could have just said no imagine the life I would have had. 
  I chased that feeling every time I did a shot, you took my breath away. At times I’d shoot so much who knew If I’d make it through the day. 
  I hate you I hate you I can’t say it enough. This life style is gross and living it is rough. 
  I won’t let you control me anymore I have to say goodbye.  I’m done slowly killing myself im done getting high. I will break the chains you have on me, this life is mine. I will make it out of your darkness it’s my time to shine. 

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Very well expressed ! And I can relate to your words .... Life certainly is one thing after another, atleast for some people .... It's not fair is it I can relate to your pain and feelings