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Goodbye Mr Herion

Before I meant you I always felt lost. I was filled with pain, hurt and insecurities. The day I found you.... You eased my pain, covered my hurt and erased my insecurities. Little did I know latter on in life you would replace it all with more taunting reality then I started with. In the beginning you and me, there was nothing better. I like to call it our honeymoon stage. At first I just flirted with you, came to see you once in a while. I still remember the fun we had and the way you made me feel. Nothin in this world compared. It didn't take long before I was spending every waking moment with you. You became a safety for me. You comforted me in my loneliest times. You filled me where I was empty. When we were together I felt whole. There was nothing I wouldn't do for you. That's how you wanted it. I see that now. I want to say you took everything from me but the truth is I gave it to you freely. I believe the lies that you told and the picture that you painted. I was blinded by your glamour. I never been so deceived. Still I never loved anything as much as l loved you. How could I not? I spent most of my life with you. You were there in my darkest hours. You also put shade on my brightest moments. It hurts to let you go, but if I stay you will kill me. My soul wasn't good enough for you. It was my last breath that you searched for. I realize that now. I'm taking my life back and the disaster that we created together. I'm going to heal without you it's going to be painful but that's ok because one thing is for certain - I'll live another day

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Marion Price

Really touched me as a loved one lost themselves to addiction also. Heartfelt write 🌹