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Googly-Goo Or Bumping Faces

Googly-Goo Or Bumping Faces

Googly-Goo Or Bumping Faces

Sometimes I find it really quite difficult

To differentiate between reality and fantasy

Fantasy seems like it's a whole lot more fun

Whatever I wish for always comes true

At times I forget and kiss a total stranger

Which can lead to a bashed in skull

And the odd broken limb now and then

Thankfully I'm still able to differentiate between the sexes

Of course, my all-time favorite people are women

But in a pinch... LOL

Okay scratch that, I'm strictly a lover of the fairer sex

I have a question... when did this custom begin

Did the Neanderthals bump faces

And thought, “Googly-goo!”

Loosely translated, “Where have you been all my life, baby?”

Centuries have gone by but we all still love bumping faces!


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Jack Ellison

Thank you again, Miss Audry!!! Lovesies, Happy  Jack XOX