Poem -

Great Depression II

This is a fictional poem.

Great Depression II

Millions will panic and they won't know what to do.
America is about to experience a Great Depression II.
I just learned that tomorrow the Stock Market will crash.
I'll be broke and I'll lose my house, my car and all of my cash.
My wife said she and our children will leave if I end up broke.
When I say that certain people will commit suicide, it's no joke.
I'm going to kill myself because I will lose everything that I have to live for.
The economy will go to Hell in a hand basket and people will be dirt poor.
This Great Depression will make the first one look like a Sunday School picnic.
Millions will struggle to make ends meet, they will have good reason to panic.
Hard times are coming for every American and people better be prepared.
When the Stock Market crashes, people will have good reason to be scared.
If you're religious, now would be a good time to pray.
America is about to go through Hell, we've seen better days.

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Marion Price

Don't know whether to laugh or cry! If this is about the Corona virus...you don't need to worry ok, all you got to do is wash your hands and sing happy birthday!!...and you'll be fine...honest..Boris Johnson said and he is king of England 😊😆😆😄