Poem -

Greyhound Town

Greyhound Town

Your a beauty,
Hair like silk
Perfect body
Built for speed,
I'll just tag those ears
And get rid of that tail,
You need to function
Like a machine.

Warm shelters
Tasty treats
Crushed up drugs
Hidden within meat,
Run Run Run
As fast as you can
Make me rich 
That's my plan.

Ohh, what's this,
You've slipped and fell,
Twisted your stomach
And broke your leg,
I'll pick you up
Hold you tight
Show the crowd
That I mean well.

Your useless now
No money to be made
I'll burn your ears off
To hide my name
Dig your grave 
Shallow and cold
Bullet to the brain
And Hide your bones

Back to the farm
To buy a new hound
Will you make me rich?
Or just let me down.

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Cherie Leigh

Hey Gerard....What a sad truth of how these dogs are treated.  My younger sister bought a greyhound through rescue, and he was so sweet.  He was more than happy to not run anymore and became a couch potato. The exact same thing happens to race horses too....Once they do not make money, many are sent to the glue factor or shot...It makes me so upset.  Thanks for your awareness.  These kind of inhumane acts should be stopped.  Thanks for sharing.  xo ;)

Gerard McGowan

Hi Cherie, I absolutely love greyhounds, my wife works in animal welfare and shared with me some horror stories regarding animal cruelty, they are an amazing companion, so relaxed and they don't require much exercise, all they want to do is laze about.

Thank you so much for your comments, there is a big change happening here in Ireland in relation to this blood sport, our local broadcasting station went undercover and exposed the acts of cruelty that has taken place, hopefully we will see an out right ban soon.

RRG (Rebecca)

God this is heartbreaking :(  You wrote it well.